Creating A Positive Environment Within Rehabilitation Services.

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Creating a Positive Environment Within Rehabilitation Services On a daily basis, individuals within rehabilitation care facilities are not treated with proper care. 15 years ago, a woman who will remain anonymous, was impacted by a boating accident that left her completely paralyzed, except for the ability to move her eye lids. 13 years ago a nurse came forward to testify that this same woman had been abused by doctors the entire time she was in their care. This is only one story from an Illinois hospital setting, I’ve viewed personally. Although this is a more extreme case, poor bedside manner, and even abuse, happens within the rehabilitation world too often. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the issues related to a lack of…show more content…
The risk of patients becoming further injured continues to increase while understaffing is on the rise. In addition to understaffing, health care professionals are also placed within a setting where they are overworked. According to a research study by Imai et, al. (2004), “Excessive work demands, particularly for emergency overtime work, and low job control for community psychiatric nurses appear to represent work environment factors contributing to burnout”. When institutions are understaffed, it often means that nurses are then over worked. When this occurs, they no longer have the ability to upkeep their self-emotional and physical health. According to an article by USA Today (2015), “A steady stream of studies link fatigue to errors, increased risk-taking, declines in short-term memory and a reduced ability to learn – with researchers likening the performance of someone awake for at least 17 hours to that of a drunk person”. A common work shift currently for nurses in these settings are at least 12 hours at a time. Fatigue can also increase if workers have 12 hour shifts, for multiple days in a row. When an individual reaches this level of fatigue, it can be difficult for them to then care for another individual to the best of their abilities. Possible Solutions Although this issue within the rehabilitation setting is becoming more common, there are various
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