Creating A Safe Environment For Lgbtq Youth In Schools.

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Creating a Safe Environment for LGBTQ Youth in Schools Introduction Over decades, research has been devoted to many issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth (Dragowski, McCabe, & Rubinson, 2016, p 127). This essay presents a literature review examining research conducted on different aspects of the LGBTQ youth. The review was conducted using key terms of “LGBTQ youth”, “bullying,” and “school safety.” Findings presented in the study cross the topics of how KGBTQ youth struggle, how they become victims because of their sexual preferences, the incidence of LGBTQ victimization in schools, and what schools can do be more aware of and address the related issues. Literature Review Key Findings…show more content…
Impact on LGBTQ Youth In Human Rights Campaign survey of over ten thousand LGBT youth from age thirteen to seventeen was found that don’t want to say anything because they think they are not going to be accepted besides the lack of acceptance of LGBTQ youth prevents many from coming out. Data from Wilcox (2016) showed family did not accept 30% of youth who came out and 19% were scared of the reaction; but many youth did not come out: 16% had religious reasons, 10% were not ready, and 10% can’t talk to their family. At school 31% were treated differently or were judged, 26% didn’t have the need of coming out, and 7% youth couldn’t because their school was conservative (Wilcox 2016 p. 46). In a study from Sussex, UK found similarities of the experiences of feelings of confusion of being accepted (Sheriff, Hamilton, Wigmore & Giambrone, 2011). Violence, bullying and verbal harassment of LGBTQ also has consequences for youth in their school attendance and academic performance, and are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, etc. Dealing with bullying and harassment often leads to depression as well. Youth who suffer depression can blame themselves for their preferences, and they don’t report the situation because they are afraid that they will make harassment worse or feel that is not safe to do so. This leads to self-harm, drug abuse, behavior
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