Creating A Setting Of The Position At Interfaith Ministries

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Empowering Leadership The reason for this paper is to create a setting that I am in the future 5 to 10 years and has been advanced as a (CEO) as a highly desirable Chief Executive Officer. I attended Kaplan University in the preparation of the position at Interfaith Ministries. I wanted to find out more about the position and so I search the internet and found out about the organizational which seem to have a strong culture. The reason the culture is strong is because of its partners and the distribution of products that serves well to keep the organization 's mission. An issue at this company is the ineffective power struggle because of the different partners that are greater in number. It is unhealthy for the organization’s culture and is preventing the business from retaining its potential. As a (CEO) I would have to arrange the partners accordingly so that the company and operate effectively and the culture will reach its potential goals. This paper is going to include what Interfaith Ministries that provide for the community with pantry, clothing and, shelter that have provided for the community. I would recommend that in order to produce a healthy culture is to enlarge and organize the clutter of the structure. The problem is outside when bagging groceries so maybe a sectioning off an area for safety reasons. This paper is also going to include empowering leadership and its effectiveness of power, politics in goal accomplishment. As the (CEO), I

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