Creating A Student Centered Learning Environment

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“Learning occurs when there is a change in consciousness or behavior caused by exposure or a new experience”. Axel Cleeremans, 2001 Many educators can agree that students are not blank slates. They enter the classroom with a variety of experiences and knowledge. As they acquire new information their schema builds. Students may be taught a new skill, strategy or information but this does not mean they learned it and can apply it when the opportunity is presented. Creating a student centered learning environment works best when students have intrinsic motivation and opportunities to apply their knowledge in real world situations. This paper argues that students centered learning environment have higher learning outcomes than traditional teacher centered environments. In urban communities, many teachers have low expectations of students and don’t believe that students care about their education. Of course students need to be exposed to variety of topics in order to find interest but often times many teachers want students to swallow information and later regurgitate it without even considering their interest and learning style. In a student centered classroom, students are aware of their learning style and have a variety of ways to acquire information either by researching, interviewing, internet, trips, books etc. etc.

What is a student centered learning community?
“Student - centered learning ( SCL) is a model where students are placed at the core of the learning…
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