Creating A Sustainable Terrestrial Ecosystem Within A Sealed Glass Jar

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Mesocosm Lab
Research Question:
With the plants chosen, is it possible to create a sustainable terrestrial ecosystem within a sealed glass jar?
Background Information
The purpose of this experiment is to become familiar with how an ecosystem works, and discover the most sustainable kind of ecosystem. Based on knowing how an ecosystem works, predictions have been made that state if a terrestrial mesocosm is sealed for four weeks with plants inside, it can continue to live and thrive sealed from the outside environment because the plants will gain their moisture from the humidity left in the sealed jar. The plants will use photosynthesis and carbon dioxide in order to transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen and water.
A mesocosm is any outdoors experimental system that examines the natural environment that is brought under controlled conditions. It is used to model a larger ecosystem. (Oxford Journals) Mesocosms help scientists as they allow a more accurate prediction of previously unpredictable events. (What is a Mesocosm) Mesocosms give scientists the opportunity to investigate the reaction of organisms to environmental change and have been used in experimental ecology since the early 20th century. They have been used for almost over a 100 years, but just recently became significant as a way of investigating certain ecological ideas. Mesocosms became more significant due to the study of climate change, since the late 90s. Through mesocosms, scientists are

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