Creating A Team Building Culture Option

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Module 4: Creating a Team Building Culture Option #2 One of the many responsibilities of company leaders is to ensure that their organization is able to compete and excel in the global marketplace. One way organizations are reaching this goal is though a shift in organizational culture. According to Thompson (2014), a company 's culture can be defined as its personality or the way in which things are done. When an organization attempts to shift its culture from that of an individual contribution to a team environment, the transition must be thoughtfully considered and strategic steps should be taken to encourage the most positive results. Changing an organization 's culture does not occur overnight, and will take patience and focused attention from its leaders and workforce to engrain these new ways of doing things into the fabric of the company. Team culture can be fostered through assessing the workforce 's key skills, encouraging team development and teamwork, selecting and utilizing the right motivation, and creating a rewards program that drives a team to achieve the company 's goals. Key Skills First, leaders must know their workforce 's skill set; what drives the individual and the personality traits that can promote or hinder team success. One way to gain personality information is through the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). When the workforce takes the MBTI assessment, it can identify the types of jobs one would be satisfied in doing and the way the
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