Creating A Virtual Office Environment Essay

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Technology is redesigning the workforce and many individuals now perform their jobs from remote locations outside an office environment. In response to advanced technology, many organizations are transitioning to a virtual offices and reaping many benefits. A few of the key benefits to a virtual office environment include: greater collaboration with colleagues in other time zones and countries, employees benefit from greater work/life balance, 24/7 workforce availability, and reduced operating expense. As organizations move to have employees more remote, there is a need for employers to be vigilant about their virtual team selection, special team needs, and ensure leadership is skilled to properly manage and motivate virtual teams. Much literature exists on the development and leadership of virtual teams and this paper consolidates available research for a concise focus on three key areas: care in selection of a virtual team, promoting team efficacy, and skills required of a virtual leader. The principles outlined provide the essentials to establish a firm virtual team foundation to promote and ensure team success. Keywords: virtual leader, virtual teams, leadership

“The practice of teleworking—also known as remote working or telecommuting—has been growing for years, with recent polls putting the proportion of teleworkers at 37% in the U.S. Telework isn’t so much of trend as it is the next stage in the evolution of the “normal” workplace. (Brumm,

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