Creating A Vision And Mission Statement Essay

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The purpose of creating a vision and mission statement is to help promote the best imaginable environment for teaching and learning. Conzemius & O’Neill (2014) state, “The vision is the best possible future that can be achieved when we focus on our most valued priorities and behave in ways that are consistent with our core beliefs”(pg.240). By promoting a common goal attained by all stakeholders involved, the work and learning will becoming more meaningful and achievable. Furthermore, a solid vision is only part of what it takes to support a learning organization. Stakeholders must also develop a mission statement in which a purpose is stated on why the group exist and how to work together in order to attain the vision. According to Conzemius & O’Neil (2014), “A clear statement of purpose that teams develop collaboratively will create cohesiveness, commitment, and understanding. The mission gives meaning to our work” (p. 246). When creating the vision and mission for a learning organization, it needs to convey important goals in an unforgettable way for maximum acceptance from all stakeholders involved.
When creating a mission statement, the Visalia cohort member were separated into groups to work together as a team to create a meaningful mission statement. The first protocol used in the process of creating a mission was to brainstorm key words. Once a list of multiple key words was generated, the cohort members established affinity diagram to group similar key words
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