Creating An Education System For Education Systems

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Creating an education system that is capable of preparing students for the future, education systems need to be configured into a new, more knowledge centered way of learning. Deconstructing established structures and routines in education systems involves several planning and practices coming together in learning and teaching to better reflect the demands of the 21st century world. Personalised learning advocates that educational systems must change from the traditional or industrial age of thinking one size fits all model. Personalised learning is a part of an educational system that surrounds the student as a learner rather than the student requiring to fit in with the system. This type of learning can be seen in a 21st century classroom, as the class using digital technology and using an app called Mathletics which has each students required level of mathematics which could range from low to high, each student works and learns at their own pace, this is in favour of the teacher stand in front of the class and teach, as students who don’t understand get lost very quickly. Using personalised learning in the classroom helps the teacher to recognise where each students level of comprehension is, each student has a personalised set task to complete. Diversity, equity and inclusion is often referred to as a particular group of learners whom educational success has been harder to achieve than that of other learners (Bolsted et al, 2012) However a 21st century learning
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