Creating An Effective Search Strategy

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The first step to creating an effective search strategy for this particular search strategy would be to go over what kind of subjects we will be covering as we work to complete the search strategy together. Providing him with this information will help him to understand why we are going through these steps and help him to stay on track while we are completing them. As we go through this search strategy we are going to cover formulating an effective research question, virtual reference collections, finding sources, Google search , website evaluation, and plagiarism. Once we have discussed our plan for completing this search strategy the next step would be to formulate their research question. Formulating an effective research…show more content…
The next step would be to show the student how where they access this collection and how to search for materials. I demonstrate how to use these collections by searching for some materials that have organized into the grade 5 age appropriate category. Once in this category I can show him how to search through this material in order to find items that contain information about his chosen subject. The next research tool that will be discussed is the Google search. Since the student is in grade 5 he probably already knows a great deal about using Google since it is a very popular tool for people of all ages. What I will be teaching him is how to find the best results using Google search. I will show him that refining your search using key terms can help you to find the most useful information faster and with ease. After providing this explanation I will encourage the student to try searching for some research materials by using the key words we came with together in his Google search. Unfortunately though using the internet as a research tool does have its dangers. After the student has finished his Google search using the key terms I will take some time to talk to him about the importance of evaluation. Some websites present opinion as fact and using this kind of information can have damaging effects on your research and your finished product. After we have talked about the importance of website
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