Creating An Esl Vocabulary Book

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A. Intended Audience The title of the book is . I chose this catchy title because I wanted to create an ESL vocabulary book that would help children learn key vocabulary while engaging all of their senses. This book is intended for kindergarten students in ESL who are at the entering, beginning and developing proficiency levels. It is a supplemental text that integrates the language domains: reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary. However, the vocabulary domain will receive the most attention. This is because new vocabulary is one of the basic building blocks in student learning. B. Features of The Proposed Text will be a student practice book which contains 5 chapters. This book will have approximately 50 pages, each chapter containing 10 pages. There will be 20-26 captivating pictures and illustrations throughout each chapter. The proposed book will be novel and unique because it provides opportunities to tap into all of children senses through songs, dance, games and movement. Also, the book links student background knowledge and culture to learning by providing cognates and vocabulary words in four languages at the beginning of each chapter. This will help to limit students from using dictionaries in the classroom which can save time and help their understanding. Also, providing students with key words translation in their L1 is a comfort to students, particularly entering and beginning English learners.

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