Creating An Inclusive Classroom Essay

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As a new teacher preparing to embark upon what I hope will be a long-lasting, rewarding career in education, I want to create an inclusive, stimulating and collegial climate in my classroom. I plan to make sure that all my students feel valued, and contribute actively to the knowledge, interactions, learning and interests shared by the class. However, I appreciate that as a new, inexperienced teacher I could encounter or unintentionally create barriers that undermine my vision of an inclusive classroom. Although systems will operate in any school setting that can help or hinder inclusive practices, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that every student in my care has high aspirations, and experiences success at school regardless of …show more content…
What I previously thought was inclusive planning was probably more aligned to an integration model of education, where I would design a learning experience and then modify it to suit the needs of particular students, always assuming this would include additional ‘separate’ resources (human, space, equipment) to work. I now realise differentiated instruction is about adapting learning experiences to students’ strengths, and providing whatever they need to access learning opportunities and build on their current skills (Chapman & King, 2005).

Student needs and abilities organised within systemic guidelines form the basis of curriculum planning, and strategies such as backward planning and curriculum mapping can be used to identify the skills, concepts and understandings necessary to access particular learning content (Koppang, 2004). Once the curriculum content is identified and broken into component parts strategic groupings, assistive technologies, varied activities, direct and indirect teaching methods, resources and assessment tasks that are flexible and open-ended can be planned accordingly (Chapman & King, 2005). True inclusion means the learning needs of every student are met within the classroom environment allowing easy, independent access to physical space, resources,
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