Creating An Information Management System

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Management Summary Summary of requirements Club IT recognizes the pitfalls of their antiquated system. Creating an information management system will advance their business protocols and provide a cohesiveness between inventory control, wait staff monitoring, and data security. Adding an additional focus on WiFi availability is an advantage to Club IT and their customers. Inventory control is a primary concern to prevent overstock and out-of-stock dilemmas. Overstocking products effects the budget negatively. Out-of-stock products essentially effects revenue negatively and hinders customer satisfactions. A business intelligence model that encompasses database functionality and a point of sale (POS) system features would remedy many of the inventory control downfalls. The automation provided by an information management system would allow ?critical? products to be automatically ordered when a designated remaining stock percentage is reached. For non-critical products, a notification would be sent to the owners to determine if the product should be ordered now or at a later date. Sale figure reports from the POS system would provide valuable information on sale quotas for all products. Critical product ordering will be fully-automated with confirmation supplied to owners after product is ordered from vendor. Non-critical products simply need the owner?s approval for the automation process to complete the order. A POS system, combined with an accounting and financial
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