Creating An Intranet For The Employees Of A Company

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How to Create an Intranet One of the best ways to share information between the employees of a company is with an intranet. Whether this information is shared from the company or among the employees themselves, access to it is crucial to the overall success of the company. When you are trying to set up an intranet for your company, there are many steps you must follow. Doing so will help save you time, effort and ultimately money. By creating an intranet properly, you will know that your employees always have access to the information they need that will make them more efficient and productive. What Equipment is Needed One of the main and most important pieces of equipment you need to choose is a router. A router is a device that helps make sure that your data gets from point a to point b. For this reason, you will want to select a router that is high quality and will handle the number of computers that will be attached to your intranet. Keep in mind that the more traffic you have flowing through a router, the slower the information will travel. The reason for this is because the router may not be able to handle all the information that your employees are trying to send through it. Choosing a sophisticated router is the best way to make sure this is not an issue. Getting Started The first thing you need to do before you begin building an intranet is to develop a plan. You should fully understand exactly what you are looking for as well as the information you wish to share on
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