Creating An Organizational Culture Of A Company

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As a way to foster collaboration, employees can utilize their strengths to build others up and also learn from the areas in which others may be stronger. Fostering collaboration can be effective when the leader has aligned the goals of the company with the strengths present among the employees. Employees are able to understand how important their contribution to the organization is and they can trust the skills of their coworkers as well. In the long-term, employees become more present and valuable to an organization because they are active in working towards the visions and goals of the company. Relationships among employees also improve because a mutual respect for how everyone contributes overall is acknowledged. Creating an…show more content…
23). To be successful in developing a plan for growth, the organization must look at all employees, including those in leadership roles within the company. Leaders must be properly trained and experienced so that they are more capable to develop subordinates A leadership plan for the growth of this company is as follows: A. Honest Assessment 1. Communicate more effectively. a. Be honest about the state the organization is in. i. Any problematic areas or threats to employees. b. Addressing the need and readiness to change. 1. Conducting a company-wide to assess the issues present within the organization. a. Survey anonymously. b. Assess commonalities among data. c. Present results to employees. B. Safe Space 1. Provide a safe environment for employees. a. Allow employees the opportunity to address issues without recourse. b. Effectively consider the needs of employees. c. Honestly consider all suggestions and feedback. C. Claim Responsibility 1. Acknowledge where the company has fallen short. a. Present ideas and intent to address growth areas. 2. Be clear about the expectations of employees. a. Identify growth areas that will be focused on. D. Create an action plan. 1. Utilize input from employees. 2. Address how the plan aligns with the visions and goals of the organization. 3. Be clear about the direction and goals being worked towards. a. Inform employees of their role in the plan. b. Allow employees to choose
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