Creating And Implementing Knowledge Management

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Creating and Implementing Knowledge Management
Knowledge management can be very essential to people in leadership positions that is required to make executive decisions on behalf of a company or organization. However, it is necessary for individuals holding such position to have a thorough understanding of the knowledge management process. Therefore, this paper discusses the best practices for creating and implementing a knowledge management project and discuss measurements, metrics and potential resources for data exists and how each are incorporated into the design of a system.
According to Dataware Technologies (1998) there are seven steps for designing and implementing a knowledge management project and supported by Bevan (2011). The seven steps are: identify the business problem, prepare for change, create the knowledge management team, perform the knowledge audits and analysis, define the key features of the solutions, implement the building blocks for knowledge management and link knowledge to people”. The first step is pretty much self explanatory and the objective of the first step is for the company to identify the problem. By identifying the problem, the focus area has been determined and it will keep all involved in the knowledge management process from deterring away from the
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