Creating And Maintaining Distinctive Competence

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Creating and maintaining distinctive competence: Pixar

When compared to other companies both in its industry, film and animation, as well as in other industries, it is evidently visible that Pixar film and Animation Company has a distinctive competence. This is derived from Pixar’s corporate philosophy, which enables it to foster and maintain collective creativity at the highest levels by pushing it beyond the known limits thus challenging the status quo. As it will become apparent, great innovations is key to creating and maintaining distinctive competence Pixar embrace teamwork by bringing together a large number of people from different departments to work collaboratively and share their ideas. Creativity is not viewed as a solo effort but rather a collective responsibility. Creativity involves listening to views from all members of the team i.e both artistic and technical members and selecting the best (Catmull et al p.24). Creativity involves taking risks and being bold about trying new crazy ideas that from the onset there is high doubt about it working out well and being received by the audience. It is about not trying to minimize risk by sticking to norm and conventional ways of doing something but by trying out new ideas without fearing failure as long as you have the capacity to bounce back and save your organization in the event of failure (Catmull et al p.224). The third aspect that fosters collective creativity is finding talented…
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