Creating Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain Management

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Creating a Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain Management


The supply chain is one of the primary ways in which an organization adds value to the consumer. Value is gained through this process in several ways. It can come from design, quality, price, or efficiency. Furthermore, supply chains can be optimized for tactical considerations such as turnover rates or economic, strategic decisions such as location or product life cycle management, or even strategic factors such as creating long term partnership or maintaining sustainable practices. Through any combination of these factors, an organization can create a competitive advantage in regards to its operating environment. Thus the supply chain can be one of the most complex aspects to running an effective organization. This analysis will provide an overview and conduct a brief literature review that will highlight some of the factors that MedCom will have to consider to create a competitive advantage in operations management.

MedCom Situation Overview

MedCom1 is an Australian-based manufacturer of award-winning medical devices that are used to manage a particular type of medical condition. The firm was formed in 1980 and is currently focused on medical devices for this particular medical condition. In 2010 they have revenues of AUD $2b and they operate in over 35 countries either with their own sales offices or distributor networks. This industry in which the company operates is among the
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