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Creating Graphs 1. Create a Pie Chart for the variable Car – Pull up Graph > Pie Chart and click in the categories variables box so that the list of variables will show up on the left. Now double click on the variable name ‘Car” in the box at the left of the window. Include a title by clicking on the “Labels…” button and typing it in the correct text area (put your name in as the title) and click OK. Click OK again to create graph. Click on the graph and use Ctrl+C to copy and come back here, click below this question and use Ctrl+V to paste it in this Word document. 2. Create a histogram for the variable Height – Pull up Graph > Histograms and choose “Simple”. Then set the graph variable to “height”. Include a title…show more content…
Short Answer Writing Assignment All answers should be complete sentences. 5. What is the most common color of car for students who participated in this survey? Explain how you arrived at your answer. After creating a pie chart for the variable “car” I was able to determine which car was the most common for students who participated in this survey. This pie chart acts a visual aid of information collected. The green and pink portions of this pie chart are equally represented as the most popular color cars among students. The green portion of this chart represents 25% of students. The pink portion of this chart represents 25% of students, thus making blue (green portion of chart) and silver (pink portion of chart) cars the most common color cars among students who participated in this survey. 6. What is seen in the histogram created for the heights of students in this class (include the shape)? Explain your answer. Majority of the students measured were 70 inches or less. ¾ of those surveyed measured 70 inches or less, the other ¼ of those surveyed measured above 70inches. The shape of this graph would be left skewed, most of the data is on the right side of the distribution. 7. What is seen in the stem and leaf plot for the money variable (include the shape)? Explain your answer. The stem and leaf plot shows majority of the students surveyed had $7 or less in their pocket at the time of
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