Creating Healthy Eating Habits in Your Children

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Creating Healthy Eating Habits in Your Children Getting children to develop healthy eating habits may be tedious. It may even take a lot of skill and perseverance for them to taste just one serving of vegetable. Unhealthy eating habits may turn them into picky eaters and at worst, making them overweight or obese. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents for the past 30 years and it is still increasing at 5% to 18% rate. These facts should be a wakeup call for parents to start teaching their children in making healthier food choices as early as possible. Eating habits are actually learned behaviors and whatever kind of habit they develop during…show more content…
Kids will be highly tempted to consume all the sweets and junk foods they could get if it is within reach. Promote fruits and vegetables Serve at least one healthy item your child will likely to eat. Limit the amount of starch in your meals such as potatoes and offer more fruits and vegetables. Try to encourage them in trying out new food. Don’t be discouraged if they turn away stubbornly on some food such as strained peas and broccoli, especially toddlers. It takes time for them to get accustomed to the new taste and texture so keep on encouraging them multiple times. Make substitutes available Most people like variations on food choices and for children it takes longer for them to realize the variety that is available for them. Some kids tend to stick on one food item alone and they stubbornly insist on eating it instead of anything else. Try to encourage them in choosing other food by substituting it with something that has similar tastes. If they want chocolates you can offer them chocolate milk shake instead or for orange-flavored candy, you can offer orange juice as a substitute. Start with small portions Educate your child about healthier food choices by letting them choose what they want to eat. Offer them a small bowl or plate and allow them to take servings on their own. Encourage them to take small servings at a time and just go back for seconds only if they are still hungry. This will teach them to understand

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