Creating High Performance Organizations

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Creating High Performance Organizations Introduction Its 7:30 on a July morning, and already a crowd has gathered for the opening of Trader Joe 's newest outpost, in Manhattan 's Chelsea neighborhood. The waiting shoppers chat about their favorite Trader Joe 's foods, and a woman in line launches into a monologue comparing the retailer 's West Coast and East Coast locations. Another customer suggests that the chain will be good for Chelsea, even though the area is already brimming with places to buy groceries, including Whole Foods and several upscale food boutiques (Kowitt, 2010). Trader Joe’s has taken a typical trip to the grocery store and turned it into an extravagant experience. All the while they’ve figure out how to keep…show more content…
Table 1 illustrates a model developed by The Institute for Corporate Productivity and is titled “The Five Domains of High Performance” * Strategy An organization 's human capital must be aligned to the business strategy so that every employee is focused on the same goal. * Leadership Leaders must communicate performance expectations, develop and promote the right people and convince employees that their behaviors are critical to success. * Talent HR strategy must be developed around the business model to ensure that the proper human capital components are put in place to drive business value. * Culture The values and beliefs at all levels and in all departments must be aligned, and existing and future leaders should be role models for this culture. * Market Every employee in the organization should understand the marketplace and customers and should know how his or her job impacts business results. Table 1 Trader Joe’s is an exemplary example of putting this model in to action. They build their organization by first investing in their workforce. They first begin by seeking out a particular type of employee by customizing the job desription to the type of corporate culture they wish to encompass. They look for attributes such as “ambitious and adventurous, enjoy smiling and have a strong sense of values” (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, & Uhl-Bien,
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