Creating In-Text Citations Essay

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Directions to complete part 2 :
a. Go to or to create APA style full-text citations for all the sources you used in your newsletter. Insert your full-text citations at the end of the final copy of your newsletter article on a separate page labeled “References.” Click here for more information on APA format.
b. Using guidelines found here, create in-text citations as required for your article. Insert the in-text citations into the final copy of your article. Here is a video of how to include facts and quotes in your writing.
c. Copy and paste your final article including the reference page below.
d. Submit your completed worksheet to the assignment dropbox.
Copy and paste your final article including reference
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Our team is comprised of wonderful problem solvers who think quickly on their feet to solve the worst of problems with different brackets of measure in each case. To best help the patient we set goals, Geriatricians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, etc. do the best they can to achieve each medical, professional, and personal goal. As caregivers it is our job to pay attention to even the smallest of details, once we have identified a problem we do what we can to quickly relieve the stressful situation for the family, friends, and other caregivers as well. After identifying the problem we then focus on the needs as well as the preferences of the individual, come up with a solution, Treat the problem and then we can final go back and re-evaluate the entire assessment. It isn’t until we personal find ourselves in a situation needing help that we wish we could have been better prepared for…show more content…
The same goes for individual’s health. We should plan ahead and know that we all get older, and as this happened you need to provide yourself with the best self-care possible as well as the best Healthcare to leave yourself a great future. Remember, the goal should be to find a productive Treatment Plan that fits with the patient and their caregivers the best. We recommend everyone take the time to get prepared. First thing that you need to do, Talk to a Team Member about getting set up on a healthcare insurance plan. They will work with you find the best solution to planning out problems that frequently and also rarely occur so that you can be best prepared. To find a Geriatric Provider in your area you can research different offices in your
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