Creating Job Placement Programs For A Nation Suffering From A Recession

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It seems that lately households are quite full with multiple generations living under one roof. It is not uncommon for seniors to move in with their children because of financial or disability needs, but in today’s society there are a higher percentage of men and women of ages 18-33, called millennials, that are not living on their own. This is not an unusual type of behavior for a nation suffering from a recession; however, we have recently come out of the recession and yet many millennials are still choosing to live with family. This is due to a few reasons such as crippling student debt, inability to find an appropriate paying job for the degree they worked for, and the housing market being too expensive. Despite the economy bouncing back and a rise in the job market, millennials are still experiencing issues with their financial independence, but this could be solved by creating job placement programs in colleges, providing a better rent to own program, and giving high school students the proper financial preparation. While many are quick to blame the recession, it is not the reason why so many millennials cannot afford to leave the nest because this trend started even before the ecomomy crashed in 2009. In an article called The Millennials (Living Arrangements, 2009) it is stated that “People younger than age 30 headed only 14 percent of the nation’s 117 million households in 2008. (Millennials were aged 14 to 31 in that year.) Young adults are slow to establish
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