Creating Kasturba General Hospital and the Manipal Academy

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It organized campaigns for funds and generally took financial responsibility for the hospital and its maternity and child care centres which were already functioning in several villages.
Not until the building was completed, and the engineers had moved to their own building in 1961, did the new Kasturba General Hospital come into being with its first 150 beds.
A hospital with major surgery facilities needs an adequate supply of blood. As early as 1960 a Blood Bank, the first of its kind in the area, was founded. Again, skeptics voiced their misgivings: How could you get blood donors in a rural area where most people fear the loss of blood?

Dr. Pai had an answer to that too: he organized a “function” to launch the Blood Bank and his nephew TA Pai gave the first pint of blood with a large group of spectators looking on. The word soon spread that there was nothing painful or dangerous about donating blood.

One outstanding achievement of KMC is the Anatomy Museum, one of the finest in the world. It was developed by Dr SS Godbole, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy during the decade 1954-64, with the help and encouragement of Dr Pai. Actual specimens, with the aid of dyes perfected by Dr Godbole to increase visibility, give a complete picture of the human anatomy. Even such rare specimens as Siamese twins are included in the museum, which is housed in the…

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