Creating Positive Value From Personal Conflict

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Humans can persevere through conflict when those involved in the conflict realize the natural conflict patterns of humans and human’s ability to create positive value from personal conflict experiences. Grappling with the topic of human nature, in accordance with conflict, is considered impossible because of human’s unpredictability but it is possible when one studies all of the parts. Understanding human conflict patterns involve realizing that conflict is a self-organizing system, how reflected appraisals of self in the world work, the systematic view of self-control and relational power, and the way conflicts occur in patterned behavior. Creating Positive Value from Personal Conflict Experiences comes from understanding the intrinsic value of theory for conflict communication, the challenges of the social brain in both the societal structure and the learning mode, the value of conflict in relational development, and how systems thinking applies to the practice of mediation. Conflicts as Self-Organizing Systems: We organize everything, we find patterns where we can in order to make sense of the world (Lieberman). It makes sense that we also organize the conflicts we face. By doing so, we are able to put the conflict in context and then employ the natural conflict pattern we are most comfortable employing depending on the situation. Living systems are “never static” (Dr. Bailey Video). Therefore, living systems, in relation to conflict, are constantly maintaining their
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