Creating Tension in An Inspector Calls Essay

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Creating Tension in An Inspector Calls An inspector calls is a play written by the author J.B. Priestley. The play is set in the industrial city of Brumley in the North Midlands, in the year of 1912. Act one begins in the family home of the Birling's, at the celebration of the engagement of Mr Birling's daughter. The Birling family at first impression are seen to the audience as a wonderful, prosperous family who live in luxury life style in a big lavish home with a high social status. Arthur Birling is the father of the family; he is a heavy looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties, with fairly easy manners. He is shown to be self-centred, arrogant and someone who believes that he is always right, he also…show more content…
She is generally portrayed as any daughter would be who comes from a very well to do family would be, she expects to be treated correctly in the right manner and to get what she wishes in her expensive 'innocent' life style which is paid by her father. Then there is the son of the family, Eric. He is characterised in his early twenties, he is portrayed to the audience to be not quite at ease, half shy but also half assertive. He is seen as the baby of the family who doesn't seem to take anything in, but really he does. He looks up to his father, although he tries not to show this factor he prefers people to think that he is solely his own person and not influenced by anyone. Really though inside underneath his tough acting he is probably a loving, sensitive caring man. Also at the celebration of course is the fiancé of Sheila, Mr Gerald Croft. He is an attractive young looking chap who is about thirty, he is shown to the audience to be very much the easy, but the well brought up man about the town. He says that he loves Sheila and is very lucky to feel like part of the Birling family. To the audience he seems like a trust worthy, nice respectable man. Gerald's father and Mr Birling have been in a friendly rival over the business for the past few years now, and Gerald seems to be very well educated in this part and of course
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