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Creating Text The process of creating “text” without using technology appeared to be a simple task that would allow the students to be a creator of his or her unique technology free masterpiece. I just had to come up with a creative, natural way to write text instead of using modern technologies that society takes for granted. How hard and restrictive could this assignment be? I soon found out everything would not go exactly as planned. It took me two attempts and failures before I finally achieved some level of success. My first idea came to me while I was getting ready one morning. Why not use hair to create text! It is a natural part of the human body that is constantly growing, natural and…show more content…
I could use the juice form smashing up raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries to create natural paint. I purchased all the berries but I still needed something to create my text on. I was looking for a piece of fruit big enough to display my text when I discovered the honeydew melon. The surface of the melon was hard and smooth which would operate as a perfect canvas for my fruit paint. The only part of my creation that would not be completely natural would be the paintbrush, I would have to use this tool since my finger or a stick wouldn’t work. After I smashed up all the fruit, I used a paintbrush and dabbed it into the juice then wrote what was supposed to be an “A” on the surface of the honeydew melon. Once again, I reached another failure. The juice form the smashed up fruit barely showed up on the melon, even though the melon was light in color, the juice wasn’t thick and dark enough to be legible. After two failures my motivation and enthusiasm was depleting. I was becoming frustrated and annoyed with the assignment and all the ideas I had up until this point. My third attempt turned out to be successful but was more restrictive than I thought it would be. After racking my brain trying to develop creative ideas I realized I needed to focus on completing the assignment, meeting the requirements, and keeping the already complicated task as simple as possible. A new element I hadn’t considered now
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