Creating The Positive Learning Environment

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To create the positive learning environment that is needed in classrooms today, a teacher needs to have good classroom management. When you think of classroom management, what usually comes up is school discipline. For a school to create a safe learning environment and culture that makes students feel welcome, school discipline management needs to be effective. Administrators are usually the school personnel involved with maintaining school discipline. Studies have shown that administrators in charge of school discipline need to flexible, and it is that type of management of discipline that is more favorable than the zero tolerance policy that some schools use. Discipline in the schools today is much different than twenty-five or thirty-five years ago. Back in the day, parents allowed teachers to give stiff punishments to their children because their thought process was that teachers can make students learn when they are afraid (Thangarajathi & Joel, 2010). However, society now has a different point of view on harsh discipline. Discipline or the lack of it in a school or classroom is a reason why teachers leave the profession. It is important to note that discipline is about structure and choice, and not punishment (Pass, 2007). When you think about discipline in that manner, it is vital that teachers and administrators have a plan in place that allows students to use their critical thinking skills when making choices. School discipline and the thoughts on how it should be…
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