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Creating Your Dream Job Tanishia Skipper Denise Frevert Human Resource Management December 2, 2012 Create a job description and specifications for your dream job. My dream job would be a fashion buyer (you may know it as apparel buyer). I have always love high end fashion. As a child I would go into my mom’s closet and dress myself with her jewelry, pumps and different high end clothes. My mother always had different designer closes and shoes. I do believe that is where I began to love fashion because she would always dress very stylish. I grew to love to dress other people and show them how to put stuff together. My sisters would come and ask me what looked good together and what did not. By the time that I was 18 I would…show more content…
This salary would be this high because I have my bachelor’s degree in Business Management and I have already proven my skills to the industry and have the experience. Making six figures in this industry would be because I live and work in New York, which is considered the fashion capital of the world. If I lived anywhere else the income on the high level would be about $72,000.00. This position would also allow for me to be able to receive bonuses. The bonus structure would be where I would receive it every quarter as long as I sold over a certain dollar amount each quarter. Then the company would offer your standard health and dental insurance. The insurance would cover me 100% and I would have to pay a certain percentage for my family members to receive insurance. I would receive two weeks of vacation per year and ten days for sick time. The company would offer 401k and would match it dollar for dollar. Once I have been with the company for ten years I will receive a retirement package that will consist of at least one year of my salary and I am able to pay into it. Depending on the type of boutique that I buying for will allow me to be able to purchase items form them at a significant discount. Being a fashion designer will allow me to have a flexible schedule because I will have to travel all across the world to meet with wholesalers and clothing manufactures. Rationalize your compensation

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