Creating a 30-Minute Workshop Tutorial: Outlined Presentation

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Create a 30-minute workshop tutorial Outlined presentation The research investigates information from the public and comes up with favorable conclusions that can be used to increase knowledge. Some of the data gathered from the public can be sensitive information that may interfere with the privacy of the subject or put the subject at risk. Some of the dangers that may affect the participant are physical danger or emotional torment. It is thus important to protect the privacy and integrity of the people being interviewed to ensure that their contribution does not affect them. Since research is a continuous process. It is important to ensure that the process of research is effective. Interviewed individuals need to feel safe to produce credible information that will enable the researcher to provide credible information to the public. Apart from providing credible information, participation in a research can be as part of an experiment that requires subjects to participate (Miller & Yang, 2007). Protection in this case refers to ensuring the safety of the participants in the research. The participant should be made aware of the situation he has signed up and is aware of the effects. The presentation is aimed at evaluating the need for protecting participants and how to achieve protection of participants (Gall, Borg & Gall, 1996). 1. The presentation will cover the legal and ethical issues related to nursing research. 2. The presentation also covers the Institutional

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