Creating a Classroom Culture for In-Depth Curriculum Essay

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1. I would encourage parents at the begining of the school year to gather pictures of their family, family pets, the childs favorite toys, whatever they thought was important to the child. Then on the first day of school I would let each child talk alittle about their pictures if they wanted to before hanging them up on a cork bored, or some other sort of bored. As the year progesses if the child really wants to add some more pictures to the bored they are more then welcome. I believe having a place where children can see some familiar things when they are having a rough day can really help. I would also encourage families to come in to the classroom on occasion and share some of their
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Then at the begining of the year I would love to have some time to sit down with the parents and talk about their childrens, concerns they may have for the child, or praises they may have for their child. Parents can be hard on themselves, always compete with other parents, always worried that their child isnt developing right or to slowly, so I would like to set some time aside to just talk things threw with them and hear what they have to say. One parent may notice their child loves science experiemnts more than art, its important that the teacher knows these things about the child so they can plan ackordingly and make sure that each child is getting the most out of their time. I would also love parents to bring in ideas they may have it could be a cool art project or a science experiement that they think the kids might like. Id even love for families to come spend time in the classroom helping out. I want the families to be as invested in the class as the kids are, if they bring in a science experiment that the kids may like and its approved for them to try I would want to give that family member who brought the idea in the opertunity to do it with the kids. I also would like to send home weekly personal letters to the families just saying things their child is exceling in and things their child may need a little review at home, that way whats learned in the class room can also be practived at home. Making sure parents know what their
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