Creating a Customer Information System for the York Bikes Company

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Business Scenario:
A bike company called York bikes wants to create a customer information system for its company. York Bikes is a company that designs custom bikes and sells custom bikes which is a niche market, both at its business establishment and over the company’s web site. In the custom bike market one which is growing rapidly, Markham Bikes is one of York Bikes’ main competitors. (Purcell)
Using the 5P’s of meeting in the SDLC stages of the above business scenario
1) Feasibility - Charter – Requirements:

 Purpose:
Why are we holding this meeting? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
In the initiation stage of the SDLC, the agenda is to find the need for the information system in the meeting with the appropriate employees of the company.
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("The mindmap blog," 2008)
Business Analyst, Software Designer and Software Architect
What are their perspectives? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
Analyze user needs and develop user requirements and convert the requirements to required functionality. ("Systems development life,”)
 Probable Issues:
What are the concerns that will likely arise? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
To convert the business requirements into a workable application
What are the things that could prevent us from creating the product and achieving the purpose? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
Lack of resources, incorrect or incomplete business requirements
 Process:
What steps should we take during the meeting to achieve the purpose? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
Request for Proposal method to buy information application from a third-party vendor through competitive bidding. (Purcell)

3) Software/Systems Development (Implementation) and Testing:

 Purpose:
Why are we holding this meeting? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
For the senior management to formally accept the system to go into production (Purcell)
What are the key objectives? ("The mindmap blog," 2008)
To install the new customer information system and begin testing all of the system functionality. This testing includes checking all security controls specified in the previous stage. Users involved in the information application receive training on the new application which will be
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