Creating a Methodology Case Report Essay

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Project Management Course – Prof. P. Faroleiro | Creating a Methodology | Case Report (Q&A) | Binetti Marco Nicola #2235 Brachet Léa #2199 Navarra Martina #2231 Rabassini Iole #2320 Tsui Janice #209317/02/2015 | 1) What can you determine about the corporate culture from the fact that they waited this long to consider the development of an EPM system? Analysing the case, it is noticeable that the corporate culture is characterized by individualism in spite of cooperation, regarding both departments and their executives. Indeed, for the latters, the prospect of losing authority and power overcomes the benefits originated by the introduction of Project…show more content…
2) Can a PMO accelerate the implementation process? The PMO can accelerate the implementation process as it streamlines the departments’ workload by focusing exclusively on it. As it has been done in the specific case, in order to accelerate this procedure and improve its efficacy and efficiency, the office has to be comprised of a “handful of experienced project managers”. Indeed, having the specific expertise in this field enables to avoid conflicts of interest that might occur by giving control of the PMO to an internal executive. 3) Is it acceptable for the PMO to report to the chief information officer or to someone else? Yes, it is acceptable that the PMO reports to the chief information officer, however there should be also a varied integration at the top management level (or through sponsors) in order to sustain the ongoing project whenever needed. As an example, a direct interaction with the President of the company would benefit the PMO in multiple respects. Thanks to his authority, it would be possible to sponsor the methodology throughout the entire organization, engaging all departments and executives. Moreover, the President would be also able to give the PMO the adequate organizational status to
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