Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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Introduction The purpose of this essay is to create a plan for positive influence within an imaginary project my team has been assigned. This plan will address several key factors that are necessary for positive workplace cohesion and productivity. The plan described within this essay will focus on the human qualities that are most important in any team situation. The plan will exploit the human resources my team possesses and makes the most effective and efficient use of time and capital. My plan will also demonstrate the use of flexibility and a "less is more" attitude when dealing with some aspects of this leadership plan Step 1: Assess the Situation Before any plan is implemented it is of extreme importance to know what resources, technologies and skills are available to be employed when designing a plan. As a result, the first step in the plan is to assess the personnel attached to my team. The Team My team at work consists of four members besides myself. Ms. X who specializes in computers and computer literacy has been with the company several years and is married with two children. Mr. Y is a young new member of the team who recently began work with company. Mr. Y is related to the boss' wife's family. Mr. Z. is the only minority working within the group and is very skilled at understanding and drawing technical plans for our team. Mr. Z is the oldest member of the team and has been working in the company off and on for the last twenty years. Mr. Z is friendly

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