Creating a Process-Driven Organization at Agcredit

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Background AgCredit, a financial institution focusing on agribusiness, is at a crossroads after an effort of three months of planning. Kate Longair is orchestrating critical restructuring in the IT system to support the company’s growth and operations. The current IT system lacks integrity and support from the many leaders and users in the organization. Project delays, bad information, customer complaints and managing human capital are contributors to the current environment. Kate faces a lack of time and appropriation of talent from the current organizational structure. Kate must form a team, tackle multiple challenges and develop a path to achieve systems integration. The Structure Silos and barriers within organizations are…show more content…
This starts by earning the support from the CEO. Buy-in from the top is key to any successful change in an organization. The best outcome is when everyone involved understands, accepts and supports the change. The most direct approach for Paul to persuade the CEO and executive team is to expose the gaps of the current systems and the cost of maintaining this course. This should be coupled with the positive ideas and best practices from each division. The use of multiple information systems in the past has proven to create problems with data integrity, inefficient integration across divisions and costly processes. IT support, upgrades and replacement of multiple systems is a key issue of the current decentralized structure. Often a platform or software application has the limitations of proprietary components or code. This eventually leads to additional cost due to specialization or scraping the entire system when modifications or upgrades are required. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) uses open standards that should reduce long-term costs, allow more flexibility and make projects manageable across the organization. SOA provides greater business flexibility through its use of web based applications. It will enhance IT services while reducing the cost in hardware and software found in proprietary systems.

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