Creating a Safe Environment in a Healthcare Setting

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Creating a Safe Environment in a Healthcare Setting In order to create a safe environment in a healthcare setting, it would be necessary to apply all four of the characteristics of a culture of safety. This would include psychological safety, active leadership, transparency, and fairness. Without ensuring that all four of those characteristics were addressed, there would be a high possibility of not having an environment that could be considered safe. It is not enough to say all of these conditions will be met, though, or all the characteristics will be addressed. Instead, it must be shown how that will be the case, in order to ensure that everyone involved understands what is at stake and how to build a safe healthcare environment. The first characteristic to be considered is the psychological safety of the people in the healthcare setting. They have to know that their concerns will be openly received by the staff and that they will be treated with respect (Simmons, 2009). Without that, they will not discuss any serious issues they are facing. A lack of a psychologically safe environment could lead to a patient having substandard care and not getting what he or she needs to be supported emotionally while going through an illness or medical procedure (Simmons, 2009). All healthcare workers who have contact with patients need to be carefully trained in the sensitivity and respect they should always offer to patients. One of the ways to provide them with this training is
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