Creating a Social Media Strategy Essay

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Introduction Technology has transformed the world as we know it and our lives at present are considerably different than our ancestors. The use of electronic devices and especially with combination of internet has become almost a necessity. Over the past decade, internet usage has been significantly influenced by the use of social media and it radically transformed the use of internet. Understanding the impact of social media on personal, social and also institutional level can utilize it efficiently. Social media is a platform which enables interactive communication among individuals, communities and organizations. The authors of "Users of the World, Unite!" define social media as a "group of Internet-based applications that build on…show more content…
Social media is constantly evolving and it difficult to predict what they have for us in future. Therefore it is important that we understand the current trends and future possibilities, so that we can create a proper strategy for utilizing social media. Significance Social media has become a part of everyday life and it has huge impact on individual communication, marketing and also how we perceive information. Social networking enables individuals and organizations creating limitless possibilities for interaction. For an individual, social media can be effective to communicate with other individuals and also market their skills. In this competitive world, to stay ahead, we need to know how to utilize social media effectively. As an individual, social media can be effectively used for networking, socializing, staying in touch with people and also marketing ourselves. Social media is a boon to organizations. It can help them build an effective way to interactive way to interact with people and at the same time market their product. Also the data collected from social media analysis can be useful for organization to build a marketing strategy. Social media can be an effective mean to advertise and build brand value at low costs and at the same time, reach large no.of customers. Social media has users all across the globe and people with different professions. Hence social media is an effective platform for
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