Creating a Social Program

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Creating Social Program HSM240 Week Nine 10/14/2012 | Introduction Human services is more than just helping people, it is a network of values, structure, leadership, and planning. Beyond is an organization that will provide support services to adults with disabilities. This organization will establish itself as a leading resource to better help aid disabled Americans. In order to complete exception services, the for-profit organization will build on its profits to establish new and creative opportunities in rehabilitation, employment, and job trainings. The organization will establish a foundation by developing a mission, value statement, and purpose. A team of ethical leaders will establish a mission statement, code of ethics,…show more content…
Adding the term “community” into the mission statement help clients understand that we value the community involvement and criticism. The increase in America’s disabled population can create major trends in this country. The needs are growing, but the funds are not moving with the needs of people. If we realize that people with disabilities are citizens in this country, we can start moving toward more community-based support and treatment for the disabled. The organization core values are: •Make ethical decisions and business strategies to better support clients. •Create an environment of honesty and integrity amongst clients and employees. •Support clients with exceptional services in rehabilitation and employment development in all areas of the organization. •Advocate for the rights and justice for people with disabilities. •Build a strong community-based organization by integrating clients with everyday activities to ensure clients become an active part of the community. •Implement new and creative ideas to enhance the quality of life and the development of the organization strategic plan. •Honoring clients and with dignity and respect. •Establish the organization as a leading resource for people with disabilities. •Encourage and establish partnerships with other organizations that support the clients and the mission of the organization. It is imperative to ensure the clients that the organization serves are satisfied. The
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