Creating a Social Program Essay

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Creating a Creating a Social Program Axia College HSM 240 It takes the collaboration of many different agencies and organizations to ensure that all U.S. citizens enjoy healthy and fruitful lives. Through these planned, ongoing collaborative efforts, available resources can be maximized to provide the greatest benefit and support for all of our communities. Disaster programs are particularly important in bringing stability back to families and allowing the affected communities to continue to thrive after the chaos of the initial trauma. The phrase ‘it takes a community to raise a child’ has been used to indicate that we all have to work together to raise productive, healthy children. The same proves true for our country…show more content…
The responders put themselves at risk by coming to the aid of others. Their commitment to the situation is part of their reward. Our mission in this new organization is to provide services to assist families who suffer the effects of natural disasters. These services will include medical services, temporary shelter, water, food and counseling to all families in need. We will work with other responding agencies to provide clean up and expect to remain on site until such time as the area becomes self- sustaining. We will bring in food kitchens and provide prepared meals both at these stations and in a meals-on-wheels service. We will also provide potable water and emergency contact services. Management of donations both at the collections and distribution levels will have to be a part of the organizations services. This management includes supplies for medical care and clean up and will involve securing a warehouse site in conjunction with other providers. Blood drives will have to be arranged. Financial assistance for those left destitute will also be required. Shelter, baby supplies and free day care are essential components of service provision so that parents can return to gainful employment as soon as possible. With regards to organization budgeting, staff will be comprised of both paid staff and volunteers. Both groups will require adequate and appropriate training. Funding for
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