Creating a Social Program for the Homeless

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Final Project: Creating a Social Program I have decided to create a social program that identifies the social problem of Homelessness. The new human services, social program will target helping homeless individuals and families to get off the streets. In order to have a successful program I have to come up with an outline and cover all of the basics. This program will have many different resources available to homeless or about to be homeless individuals and families. There are so many homeless people out there and her in the state of Florida there are not many places for homeless people to turn to for comfort and safety. So I am truly excited to be creating this new program that will help many people to go forward and live wonderful and successful lives, no matter what they have been through. Throughout this paper I will be discussing some of the things that are needed in order to start an organization. This paper will serve as an outline or an information source on how to create a social program as well as the social program that I am creating. Basic Information and Demographics The name of the social program that I have come up with is called New Beginnings. This organization will be a community service program for the homeless population. Deciding on a place to put the organization is very important because it is best to try and target an area that is in need of the services. After some careful research the demographic area that I have chosen to place this
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