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Many people for a long time have thought of fast food restaurants as a place of gathering and convenience; as a result, fast food industries became a popular thing for people who were on the go and needed a full meal with a low price. This has caused many industries to understand its costumers and eventually led the way towards focusing specifically on making their restaurants more family orientated to gain exponential profits from not only the people on the go, but every type of costumer. The fast-food industries have became, so aware of what people want they practically profit from knowing how people think. These industries did not become so familiar with its consumers over night; these people have spent their whole business careers …show more content…
Although, Kroc did not succeed in a restaurant of fresh food he was brilliant enough to understand the importance of a restaurant when it came to business. In the article, “Your Trusted Friends”, Eric Schlosser writes on how Kroc, “…picked the right moment” to begin targeting children and their families (Schlosser186). Kroc was so good at picking times, that at the occurrence of the baby boom, “Kroc wanted to create a safe, clean, all-American place for kids. The McDonald’s franchise agreement required every new restaurant to fly the Stars and Stripes. Kroc understood that how he sold food was just as important as how the food tasted” (186). Kroc’s brilliance to understand when he needed to get out of the old business he used to run and change everything about his restaurant to adapt to the changing times really made him a contender of the fast-food industries across the United States at the time. And of course many other competitors also saw these opportunities in time to also approach the costumers who would appeal more to the convenience and family oriented restaurants. People are always looking for ways to live a healthy life style, and much of the food people consume at restaurants are unfortunately not labeled with nutrition facts or even where the products came from. People are unable to gain this type of information that are necessary for their health, which have ultimately caused people to wonder “Why do I feel sick?” or

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