Creating a User-friendly Website

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Once our website is formatted correctly and running, we need to make sure that it is user friendly. In addition, we will need to make promote our website so that people are aware that we have a website. When testing to make sure a website is user friendly, we need to make sure that pages are loading in a relatively short time span. In addition, we need to make sure that our website is viewable through different devices. The majority of people surfing the web will be using their cell phone, therefore we will need to make sure our website is compatible to mobile devices. This can be done be simply changing content/format on a web page. Once we are certain that our website is user friendly; we will need to begin promoting it. Promoting our website will help spread the word that we have a company website. The two most important ways of promoting our site is through having a key word rich page title and a Facebook page. Creating a page title that has popular and common keywords will allow our website to be search more frequently. A Facebook page will act as a resume’ to our company website. For example, it will provide customers with basic information about our organization, along with our website link.
FIGURE 6 (Chitika Insights, 2012) iOS is an internet service provided through mobile phones, the graph above shows that the average person conducts more internet searches through their phone, rather than through their computer.

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