Essay on Creating an Effective Group Therapy Environment for Adults

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Group therapy is an important method that is commonly used by psychiatric professionals in the treatment of many types of mental illnesses. They consist of three or more people and are targeted at promoting psychological development and change. There are three different types of groups. The task group works by using tasks, such as activities and techniques, designed to help clients work toward desired goals. In addition, midrange groups work by allowing clients to share their thoughts and feelings with others who have learned to cope with similar problems over a longer period of time. Lastly, process groups work by allowing clients to work on their communicating patterns, skills and methods (Fortinash & Holoday Worrett, 2008).
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These types of groups are aimed at learning from one another, rather than forcing change (Montgomery, 2002).

Process groups are useful in teaching clients healthy ways of communicating, so they can develop effective and satisfying relationships with other individuals. These types of process groups are called psychodynamic groups. Psychodynamic groups consist of clients with a wide range of issues. They help clients learn healthy coping skills, and teach them to become self-aware of their dysfunctional behaviors. This allows clients to be happier and live within society more successfully (Fortinash & Holoday Worrett, 2008; Montgomery, 2002).

Leadership skills are important to developing a successful and effective group session. Leaders can include nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, recreational therapists, occupational therapists, and other types of mental health workers. Leaders need to have the skills to develop behavioral rules to maintain positive function, facilitate communication between clients, and direct the group in meeting their desired goals. The role of the leader is to be open, sincere, kind, warm, positive, honest, and flexible. This allows clients to feel trust, freedom and confidentiality. It is also important for leaders to act as role models, set boundaries, and up-hold rules and procedures. This encourages clients to express their thoughts
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