Essay on Creating and Maintaining Suspense in Great Expectations

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Discuss the ways in which Dickens creates and maintains suspense in chapter 39 of Great Expectations.

Charles Dickens was born on the 7th February 1812, during the
Victorian era. He was born in Portsmouth but spent most of his life in
London. He was considered to be the best author of Victorian times and his work is still very famous today.

His father was a well paid clerk in the Navy and his family were well off and very high up in the social classes. But in 1814 his father fell into a lot of debt and ended up in prison. This made the Dickens family fall down the social class ladder and become very poor. While
Charles's father was in prison, he died this meant that Charles had a very traumatic childhood. This childhood has
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Many of his books were serialised in newspapers such as Great Expectations, which was serialised in 1860 in a newspaper called 'All year round' because of this the stories had to be interesting and give cliff-hangers so that people would want to buy the next instalment, just like TV soaps of today. From reading the beginning of Great Expectations we have already learnt a lot about Pip's character. As a child he was very poor and lived a working class life with his sister Mrs Joe Gargery and her husband Joe Gargery, the blacksmith. His sister treats him very badly, always shouting at him and blaming him for everything, but he gets on very well with Joe and when he reaches 14 he becomes his blacksmith apprentice. But it's not just Pip's sister that would give him a reason to be scared, while Pip was visiting his mothers and fathers grave when he was younger he came face to face with an escaped convict called Magwich who threatened him and was forced to bring him food.
Also when Pip is a young boy he is sent an order to visit Miss
Havisham to play and entertain her where he meets Estella and falls in love with her, but he knows that she would never love him back.

One day though Pip is told that he is to go to London and live the life of a gentleman and is given a large sum of money. But since he has been in London, suddenly very rich and not having to work he has become very arrogant and self

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