Creating and Maintaining a Productive Workplace

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Maintaining a Productive Workplace The essence of creating and maintaining a productive workplace is the development of and continual fine-tuning of frameworks that promote team communication, collaboration and trust. A highly effective and productive workplace is one that enables workers to have a high level of autonomy, mastery and purpose in their work while also having a high level of job ownership (Kurland, 54). A productive workplace is one that also meets the fundamental needs of the worker while also providing a cultural and collegial structure they can excel within (Rodgers, 183). A highly productive workplace can also be characterized by having a very strong level of trust between everyone on the team, clear roles defined and the ability to transform complex challenges into achievements by shared task and vision ownership (Rodgers, 183). Another aspect of a productive workplace is the ability to sue time effectively, align its investments in the completion of the most critical tasks first. Doing this frees up an organization to create a more effective strategy for responding to unforeseen events when a given project or strategy is initially defined. Time management is also critically important for creating the same or comparable levels of shared expectations between a company and its customers as well (Klaas, Olson-Buchanan, Ward, 330). The ability of any company to manage its commitments and exceed customers' expectations is directly tied to their ability to
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