Creating the Necessary Criteria for Appropriate Upgrades of Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems

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It is quite evident that some law enforcement agencies have different priorities and different problems than others. Urban settings will differ from suburban and rural communities making the necessary technology dependent on the aims of the particular agency making the purchase. The purpose of this essay is to create the criteria necessary for appropriate upgrades of computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems. In this hypothetical situation I will suggest what the right equipment is needed for this type of job. Foster (2005) claimed that " In reality, the most important part of CAD is the software and various other systems with which CAD can interface " (p.140). This does not mean that hardware is not important and it is necessary to investigate hardware upgrades to fully get the most out of the technology available. However the most prudent action would be to incorporate current hardware systems and look for upgrades within the software applications that can work on the present hardware. Before upgrading software it is important to prioritize what exactly needed at the dispatch location. A problem must be identified before putting any new pieces into action. Some typical problems that may be seen in law enforcement dispatch systems include, wasting time and resources,…
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