Creation Is A Free Act Of God

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When one believes in God he naturally revealed to them through the goodness in his creation. By looking at the surrounding world one can see God’s fingerprints. In his work, Sentences, Bonaventure modestly defines creation as “as the loving outflow of a loving God whose infinite dynamic goodness is shared in a limited dynamic way.” Creation is God’s other. God doesn’t have to create since God is infinitely bountiful and self-communicative within Himself. Creation flows out of the infinite fountain of divine self-diffusive goodness because God is creative and loving. The Father freely desires to create because God is love, and perfect love can never be self-contained it must be shared. Bonaventure indicates that the world exists by virtue of the free creative power of divine love. Creation is a free act of divine goodness spilling forth from the infinite divine community of love. Bonaventure uses the term emanation to describe the expression of creation from the loving community of a triune God. Emanation used in the Christian sense means that creation flows out of the infinite, transcendent one. Bonaventure metaphorically writes, “Creation is like a river, which flows from a spring, spreads throughout the land to purify and fructify it, and eventually flows back to its point of origin.” This image speaks to the intimate connection between creation and the triune God as well as creation’s cyclical nature. Bonaventure writes that creation can find its origin in a single…

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