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Myth still remains one of the major links that merges the different cultures and religions from various ethnicities. “The Creation of the Titans and the Gods”, as well as “The Creation, Death, and Rebirth of the Universe”, are among the many creation myths that highlight these combinations. Throughout history, myths have created various similarities and differences between the cultures and religions of the world. Man – the common principle in myths, illustrates that man was produced exclusively for the pleasure of the Gods. Since the dawn of civilization the existence of myths had been recorded and narrated in order to praise the Gods that had blessed them with life. Marduk explains that he created Man with the Gods to assure admiration…show more content…
The passage from “Enuma Elish” reveals that water was a precious element to the Balbylonians; it was difficult to find water because they lived in such dry and barren land. In Babylonian culture, Titmat became the Earth, which literally made her, Mother Earth, therefore making the land and agriculture important to the civilization. “The Creation of the Titans and Gods” shows that the people of Greece were abundant in agriculture thanks to Zeus; although Mother Earth and Zeus are not the same, they had the same value in society and that they had created the land the people lived on. Not only were the land, water and agriculture important in society, but also the society and structure itself was a growing matter. The myth, “The Creation, Death, and Rebirth of the Universe” tells of a message that was sent throughout the people of India about their roll in society. In order for one to be the best of their abilities, they must work within their social cast and not be removed from said placing. In a Chinese teaching, called “The Creation of the Universe and Human Beings”, the people believed in the wealthy and the poor; “The people whom Nu Kua had fashioned by hand from the rich yellow earth of the riverbed were high-born, wealthy, and intelligent. But the people who had fallen in drops from her rope were low-born, poor, common folk.” Countless of creation myths make use of their tales to furnish their evident society or culture a perceptive or reasoning

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