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Kylee Bouse
Creation Myth Motif Essay
Mrs. O’Brien
October 23, 2017
Creation Myth Motifs
In a clear, concise, and well-organized essay, I will analyze the different motifs of the creation myths process, struggle, and organic material. The definition of a motif is “something in literature we notice repeated over and over again. I will include ample evidence to conclude the myths that include these motifs, why they used them and how they used them. In the final analysis, I will conclude why I envision the motifs: struggle, process, and organic material are the three most important to me and why.
Motif #1: Struggle: The motif of struggle was a bloody struggle, or the struggle calm to create the earth. I think the motif struggle is
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Rangi, the sky, and Papa, the Earth, were finally separated. They became the sky above and the Earth below as we known them today. The blood from Rangi became the red of the sunset, the blood from Papa became the red, clay land. At last, the light came into the world and the child moved to the four corners. Tawhirimatea was very angry with what was done and the anger grew in him until he couldn’t bear it anymore. Therefore, he ripped out his eyes and threw them into the heavens, here they turned into the first two stars. However, he turned his blind fury on all of his brothers. He blew hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, he made tsunamis and huge storms. Tawhirimatea anger had no end. Papa and Rangi were unhappy, they missed each other so much that they cried and cried and cried. The tears from Rangi become rivers, oceans, and dew. Papa’s sighing with loneliness is the mists that rise from the ground. This is why the Maori creation myth had a bloody struggle.
The Rig Veda creation had a battle, a bloody struggle. Before there was anything there were the primeval waters. The seas were vast, deep, and dark. All there was, was Non-Being. However, the waters produced a single golden egg that floated over the waters for nine months. After these nine months, the egg busted open and there was Prajapati standing on the shell. He was neither male or female but was an all-powerful combination of both. For almost a year he rested there without

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