Creation Myths : The Creation Of Ulligara And Zalgarra

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Creation Myths – The Creation of Ulligara and Zalgarra
Many researchers consider creation myths as the key to a particular mythological universe because they draw the boundaries for future stories, while establishing certain themes within that universe. In other words, creation myths function as an introduction to a specific universe which they belong in. Likewise, “The Creation of Ulligara and Zalgarra” is a Sumerian Myth that explains the relatively simple relationship between men and divine, while demonstrating many important themes for the Sumerian society. It defines men’s role in creation, illustrates nature’s significance, and explains the Sumerian society’s perception of resurrection.
Creation myths are fundamental in each mythological universe because ancient men needed to answer some elementary questions, such as why they were created, what is their purpose, and what are their tasks. Like all the other creation myths, “The Creation of Ulligara and Zalgarra” was narrated to answer these questions within Sumerian society. Consequently, it defines the men’s role in the creation process by implicating the idea that the humans are created as servants to the gods. Likewise, Scott Leonard examines the myth on a spiritual level and argues that this myth explains the human being’s place in the cosmos by saying that the gods needed someone to do the daily labor of tending fields, raising livestock, and ensuring that the gods’ rightful offerings are made (Leonard 76). The…

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